We are a consultancy on a mission to bridge the gap between fundraisers, businesses and philanthropists. We work closely with our clients and partners to deliver innovative, practical strategies for impact and growth that are effective, seamless and sustainable.



We founded I.G. Advisors to bring dynamic and entrepreneurial thinking to the social impact sector. We are driven by a belief in the transformative potential of our clients’ work and a desire to achieve that potential through smart, effective strategies.

Our three directors hail from varied backgrounds in the social impact space, having worked in-house as fundraisers, philanthropic advisors and corporate impact leaders. The cornerstone of our approach is a belief that there are critical gaps in understanding and communication in the social good sector that too often hinder progress and impact. We are uniquely able to understand and speak the language of all stakeholders, and are therefore best positioned to deliver effective, sustainable funding and partnership strategies.

We engage on a personal, human level across the ecosystem, cross-pollinating expertise and supporting our clients to navigate their own journey to long-term success. Those clients include individuals, foundations, companies, charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises in a wide range of areas including women and girls, global health, international development, human rights, education, sport for development and the arts.

I.G. Advisors is a proud B Corp. You can learn more about the B Corp movement here, and learn why we became a B Corp here.

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We develop dynamic philanthropic strategies for individuals, families and foundations. We also provide support and counsel through each step of the implementation process, including day-to-day management.

By using our hands-on knowledge and extensive experience of working with philanthropists, businesses and charities, you will feel inspired, gain dynamic, insightful and practical guidance, and develop a clear plan of action for effective giving that is best suited to your ambitions and resources.

We advise across the following areas:

  • Developing engaging and impactful giving strategies
  • Finding exciting initiatives to support
  • Distinguishing between causes
  • Assessing organisations and projects
  • Engaging family and younger generations in giving
  • Understanding governance requirements
  • Implementing and managing grant making, social investment and campaigns

Our philanthropy advice can help you harness your personal passion about an issue to deliver an impact that you and your family can be proud of.

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Corporate Impact


We work with companies to develop strategies for social impact that can create both financial and social returns on investment. The strategies we build go beyond simply helping companies do good - they engage effectively with management teams, employees, shareholders and customers. We provide corporate philanthropy, CSR and partnership advice.

Our bespoke, full service advice can help you navigate diverse challenges, and balance the needs and desires of your company’s broad range of stakeholders.

We advise across the following areas:

  • Developing strategies for corporate responsibility and community investment that create impact and are aligned to your core business
  • Engaging stakeholders across the social impact space
  • Identifying the right partners and facilitating those relationships
  • Assessing the impact of projects or partnerships
  • Designing creative opportunities for employee engagement and pro bono
  • Implementing and managing community investment programmes

We work with companies of all sizes to design creative, unique strategies with realistic solutions.



We take a dynamic and strategic approach to delivering long-term growth and sustainability plans that are built to last.  We have extensive major gifts, foundations, corporate partnerships and campaigning experience.

Now, more than ever, organisations need a healthy, diversified funding base to meet their ambitions and remain strong. Our bespoke service offers access to our deep knowledge of the sector and allows organisations to leverage our experience with individual and institutional funders from across the ecosystem.

Our Fundraising services include:

  • Developing exciting and impactful fundraising strategies for growth and sustainability
  • Building fundraising campaigns to engage the world’s top donors
  • Creating audience-specific fundraising plans
  • Facilitating positive and fruitful fundraising cultures
  • Training and coaching for staff and trustees
  • Creating engaging collateral and messaging
  • Implementing fundraising strategies and campaign plans

We do not fundraise on behalf of our clients; instead our support helps harness and refine the abilities of your team, and empowers you to deliver a sustainable, diverse funding base your organisation can rely on.

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Our clients include philanthropists, foundations, companies, charities and social enterprises working in every cause area - from social justice to international development, women & girls to the arts, climate change to education.



We believe in sharing our ideas, advice and experiences to invigorate and challenge the sector. Our thought-leadership is widely featured, and we publish our own podcasts, guides and insights.  

Social Misfits Media


Our sister company helps charities and social enterprises design and implement digital strategies, enabling clients to use social media for campaigning and fundraising.

Social media has proven itself to be a sophisticated outreach tool for many organisations. Most charities and social enterprises now use social media to advocate, advertise or launch appeals. But not every organisation does so effectively.

In 2012, we launched Social Misfits Media to help charities and social enterprises think strategically about their digital presence. Social Misfits Media works with clients to create dynamic social media strategies for marketing, campaigning and fundraising.

With years of experience across every social platform, the Social Misfits team works with you to deliver tactical, outcome-driven plans that meet your online and real-world targets. In other words, they help you turn your social media into social good.

To learn more about Social Misfits Media, please visit their website.

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